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Product Description


Fri.mecc S.a.s. has purposefully solved the wear stick problem of gaming controllers, which make users lose their confidence. Bi-Grip focuses not only on solving that issue, but is also applicable on a new lever stick, elevating your game with the latest science in controller ergonomics.



Bi-Grip is the unique thumbstick that can be settle on a smashed analog stick and turns out new along regenerating old lever sticks which have worn down.


A protection device (1; 101; 201; 301) for protecting a control lever (2), in particular in a game console (3), the control lever (2) having a rod (12) and a head (13) with an enlarged end, comprises an attachment element (4), arranged for attaching the protection device (1; 101; 201; 301) to the head (13), a contact portion (18; 118; 218), arranged for being touched by a finger of a user during use of the control lever (2), fixing means (5; 105; 305), arranged for fixing the contact portion (18; 118; 218) to the attachment element (4), in which the attachment element (4) and the fixing means (5; 105; 305) are reciprocally connectable in a reversible manner.
Bibliographic data: WO2017006292 (A1) ― 2017-01-12

Product Highlights

Bi-Grip is a new standard of excellence in the thumbsticks world, giving you more room to fine-tune aim increasing accuracy and control. Thanks to tests against our competitors we believe that Bi-Grip is the best fit in the market. We developed Bi-Grip not only by focusing on our competitors, but by examining how to take over the wear issue and improve the way to play. Regardless of our amazing scores in tests, the most interesting aspect is the potential traction in the market that can return in high profits.


Silicone surface provides unsurpassed comfort and control.


Gain more refined precision and accuracy.

Science & Smoothness

Take over stick's wear problem or slippage issues, and eases analog stick moves.


Crafted from advanced materials, no wear or other issue will affect Bi-Grip.


Wide array of colors, shapes, customized elements and laser-etched designs.


Reduce wrist, hand and thumb fatigue. Less fatigue, play longer. Easy installation and detachable.


Bi-Grip, the first thumbstick with premium features, huge array of colors, shapes and laser etched designs.
Several options in high-rise Bi-Grip, convex, concave and shaped silicone elements.
Change the way you play and create your own Bi-Grip! Limitless customized items, everything you could want in a thumbstick.


Ready to engage "The Gaming World"

Gain better control and accuracy with added grip and comfort that maximizes agility. No thumb or hand pain after playing, great precision on shooter games.
High Bi-Grip added height increases the analog stick radial distance, which provides and increases a wide range of motion.
Precision and quickness are premium in first person shooters.


Our goal is to licenses out Bi-Grip, we strongly believe it is the best thumbstick ever made.
We would like to work or deal with someone that is going to understand the value of Bi-Grip, and that can make Bi-Grip the best sale in the market.

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